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We always do our best to ensure you receive your products as quickly as possible. Orders placed before 10pm AEST will be dispatched the next business day. 

See here for estimated delivery times.

Please note that during sales and the holiday season (November/December) delivery times can be longer than stated.

Please do contact us and we will do our best. However, it is very difficult for us to amend your order once it has been placed. So please do check your details carefully.

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

We will refund the full value of any products purchased, provided the conditions below are met:

1)  You are able to return the products in question to us within 28 days of receipt of your order.

2)  Unless faulty, your items are returned to us in a resalable condition. This means unworn, in the same condition you received them and with any labels and packaging intact.

Please note that unfortunately, we will not be able to refund the cost of postage, either of your original order or the return.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us through

We want to sort out any issues with faulty items straight way.
As soon as you discover a fault, please email Provide us with:

- Your order number
- The faulty item’s name
- A description of the fault
- A clear picture of the fault

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and send you a replacement item as quickly as we possible. You will be asked to send the faulty item back to us.

We ask customers to wait 7 to 10 working days for a refund payment to reach your bank account.

Sock Details

See the size guide here. Crafted to sit perfectly mid-calf, each pair is finely knitted with 200 needles, the highest gauge used on socks. This makes Black Top Socks finer, softer and stronger due to the density of the stitching.

Our socks sit mid-calf so that they can work with a range of shoes. The signature designs ensure they can appropriately be worn on any occasion. They’re perfect for the transition between smart and casual dress.

On average we wear socks for 13 hours a day. At Black Top Socks we’ve come up with the perfect blend of material to ensure our socks offer strength, flexibility and breathability.

Black Top Socks are made with 85% bamboo viscose. Bamboo Viscose has a soft cashmere-like feel and can absorb 3 times as much moisture as cotton. By absorbing and pulling sweat and moisture away from the foot where it can evaporate, bamboo viscose is excellent at regulating skin temperature in both hot and cold conditions. The absence of moisture also is great at inhibiting foot odor. The smoothness prevents friction which helps to prevent the formation of blisters in areas where there is frequent movement and rubbing.

Polyester and nylon are used to reinforce structural support and provide elasticity. Finally, elastane is used to create a strong hold around the band of the sock, creating the perfect fit around your feet. 

We work hard to ensure that our socks are of the highest quality possible. However, the life span can vary depending on the care and handling of your Black Top Socks.

We recommend a washing temperature of 40°C/104°F.

Black Top Socks should be turned inside out and bleaching or ironing should be avoided. Even though our socks are durable, they will last longer if they are kept out of the tumble dryer.

Important, when putting on your brand new pair of Black Top Socks, please take the time to cut the thread on the label with a pair of scissors instead of ripping it off as this will damage the socks.

My Order

Your estimated delivery time is between 1-4 business days for Australian deliveries. Should you find that your order has not arrived after this time period, please feel free to contact us at

Please do get in touch with us and we will do our best to help. However, we’re really quick at packing your order which means it is difficult to make any changes once you’ve placed it. This includes changing the delivery options, delivery address or payment method.

If you want to send something to someone as a gift then you can use their address as the delivery address for your order. This box can be located just below the delivery and billing address form on the checkout page. Listed as ‘Ship to a different address’.

We don’t display the prices of our socks on the paperwork included with the order, so you can keep how much you’ve spent a secret.

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel an order once placed. We are happy, however, to offer you a full refund once you have returned your order to us.

We want to sort out any issues with incorrect items straight away. Please contact us with your order number, name and email address linked to your account and the incorrect items name.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and send you a replacement item as quickly as possible.

If an item is missing, please contact us with the order number and the missing item’s name. We will resolve the issue for you as quickly as possible.

If you created an account at checkout you can login to your account to track your order. You will also receive a tracking number via email once we have dispatched your order.

My Account

You can change your details at any time by ‘Signing in’ and going to ‘My account’ which you can reach by going to the top left-hand corner of the page. Once you are logged in you can change your:
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Just click the relevant sections of your account to change the details.
Any changes to your account will not affect the details of any orders you’ve already placed or those that have recently been shipped.

It’s worth checking your account once in a while just to make sure we have the right details for you.

If you’ve forgotten your password, it’s really simple to get back into your account.

Click the sign in button, under the email box and password box, click ‘Reset password’ button and enter your email address.

We’ll then email you a link directly to your registered email address to reset your password (please do check your spam/junk folders as our email may end up there).

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Firstly, you’ll need to delete your cookie – a cookie is a small file we store on your computer to let us know who you are the next time you visit us. All you need to do is go to your web browser and delete your cookies using ‘Tools’ or ‘History’.

Once you’ve cleared the cookies, close your browser and reopen it. Then you can visit our site again.

We also recommend that you use the latest version of your operating system and browser.

If you no longer wish to receive our emails, you can unsubscribe by:

Clicking the unsubscribe link in one of our emails.


Sending an e-mail to requesting your information be removed from the mailing list.

If you are trying to use a discount code on our website, please ensure you enter the code exactly as it was given to you, without any spaces. You will be able to view this from your ‘My bag’ page.

Type, or, copy and paste the code into the ‘I have an offer code’ box. This box is located above the ‘Checkout’ button.

Press ‘Apply offer code’ and it will add the code to your order.

* Please note that only one discount code can be used per order.

If you find that you are still having difficulty using your discount code, please contact us with your order number and discount code.

We take security very seriously at Black Top Socks. We’re committed to ensuring we keep our customers’ details safe.

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Should you have any questions or issues, please feel free to refer to our FAQs. Hopefully, you’ll find the answer you are looking for, if not, please feel free to contact us or you can call us on 0418 783 199.